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Overview of scientific content EGF 2015

Overview of all scientific content of EGF 2015


PDF icon Overview of scientific content EGF 2015

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Role of grass land and animal feed in high output dairy farming systems

Powerpoint of the presentation “Role of grass land and animal feed in high output dairy farming systems ( From a dairy chain perspective) by Piet Boer

Boer P.

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Priorities for the European R&D agenda with regard to sustainable intensification in dairy farming

Powerpoint of the presentation by Ray Keatinge about priorities for the European R&D agenda with regard to sustainable intensification in dairy farming.

Keatinge R.

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Session 1. High output dairy farming systems
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Grassland and forages in high output dairy farming systems in Flanders and the Netherlands

The dairy sector in the EU faces many challenges as a consequence of political, economic and societal developments.

PDF icon egf2015-Van den Pol-van Dasselaar - Grassland.pdf

Van den Pol-van Dasselaar A., Aarts H.F.M., De Caesteker E., De Vliegher A., Elgersma A., Reheul D., Reijneveld J.A., Vaes R. and Verloop J.

PDF icon Slides presentation A. van den Pol-van Dasselaar

Fifty years of forage supply on dairy farms in the Netherlands

Dairy farming in the Netherlands has shown big changes during the last 50 years as a consequence of various technical, economic and social developments.

PDF icon egf2015-Van Dijk - Fifty.pdf

Van Dijk H., Schukking S. and Van der Berg R.

PDF iconSlides presentation S. Schukking

Portuguese dairy farming systems

Milk production is responsible for about 11% of global agricultural output in Portugal.

PDF icon egf2015-Trindade - Portuguese.pdf

Trindade H.

 PDF icon Slides presentation H. Trindade

High output farming systems in Europe: the French case

This paper focusses on dairy production systems in France.

PDF icon brocard_-_high.pdf

Brocard V., Belot P.-E., Foray S., Perrot C. and Rouillé B.

PDF icon Slides presentatation V. Brocard

Dairy farming systems and development paths in Slovenia

The aim of this article is to describe the status of the dairy sector and future development paths of the various cattle farming segments in Slovenia.

PDF icon egf2015-Klopcic - Dairy.pdf

Klopčič M. and Kuipers A.

PDF icon Slides presentation M. Klopčič

Dairy production systems in Finland

In Finland milk and beef contribute 50% of the agricultural gross return.

PDF icon Dairy production systems in Finland

Virkajärvi P., Rinne M., Mononen J., Niskanen O., Järvenranta K. and Sairanen A.

PDF icon Slides presentation P. Virkajärvi

Forage production and use in the dairy farming systems of Northern Italy

In the Po river valley, which represents the largest plain area of Northern Italy, the two main dairy farming systems are associated with cheese production: one for Grana Padano (GP) cheese using s

PDF icon egf2015-Mantovi - Forage.pdf

Mantovi P., Dal Prà A., Pacchioli M.T. and Ligabue M.

 PDF icon Slides presentation

The effect of decreased N and P applications on herbage quality in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the amounts per ha of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) applied have been reduced by approximately 40% since 1996, due to legislative restrictions.

PDF icon egf2015-Abbink - The effect of decreased N.pdf

Abbink G.W., Reijneveld J.A. and Linders P.B.J.

The effects on performance of out-wintering replacement heifers in a high-output dairy system

Out-wintering replacement dairy heifers is commonly practised among low input pasture-based dairy systems, and is potentially an option to facilitate expansion for high output dairy farms.

PDF icon egf2015-Atkins - The effects on performance.pdf

Atkins N.A., Bleach E.C.L. and Sinclair L.A.

Development of a validity test for survey data on milk-from-grass from German dairy farms

Questionnaires are a frequently used instrument to analyse the productivity of farms. As surveys might include wrong or incorrect data, there is a need for validity testing.

PDF icon egf2015-Becker - development .pdf

Becker T.H., Blume L., Kayser M. and Isselstein J.

The effect of pasture allowance offered for different time durations on the dry matter intake of dairy cows

Milk quota abolition will increase herd size resulting in greater deficits in spring grass availability.

PDF icon egf2015-Cummins - The effect of pasture.pdf

Cummins S., Lewis E., Pierce K.M. and Kennedy E.

Models for predicting effects of management factors on per-cow and per-hectare pasture intake by grazing dairy cows

Robust modelling of pasture herbage intake by grazing dairy cows under a wide range of grazing and supplementary feeding strategies allows the better combination of high rates of pasture utilizatio

PDF icon egf2015-Delagarde - models .pdf

Delagarde R., Delaby L., Peyraud J.L. and Faverdin P.

Herbage and milk production from a grass-only sward and grass-white clover swards in an intensive grass-based system

White clover (Trifolium repens L.; clover) can increase the sustainability of grass-based dairy systems and has the potential to increase milk production.

PDF icon egf2015-Egan - herbage .pdf

Egan M.J., Lynch M.B. and Hennessy D.

Developing mixed farming systems at regional level: examples from intensive dairy farming

Improving agricultural sustainability through innovative mixed farming systems (MFS) is the scope of the EU project CANTOGETHER.

PDF icon egf2015-Hanegraaf - developing.pdf

Hanegraaf M.C., Vertès F., Corson M.S., Den Boer D.J., Moraine M. and Korevaar H.

Comparison of feeding time in barn and pasture under a given grass allowance in a system with robotic milking and strip grazing by using collected sensor data

In the Autograssmilk project funded by the EU-FP7 programme an experiment was conducted with the objective to study the potential of using new technologies for the optimisation and integration of a

PDF icon egf2015-Ipema - comparison.pdf

Ipema A.H., Holshof G. and De Mol R.M.

Milk production in relation to farm organization

In recent years, dairy production has been considered to be the most profitable farming activity in Poland.

PDF icon egf2015-Jankowski - milk.pdf

Jankowski K., Skrzyczyńska J., Wiśniewska-Kadżajan B., Sosnowski J., Malinowska E. and Kolczarek R.

Current state of the feeding systems on dairy farms in the Principality of Asturias (Spain)

Nowadays, a wide range of dairy farms coexist: from family farms to large-scale dairy farms.

PDF icon egf2015-Jimenez-Calderon - current.pdf

Jiménez-Calderón J.D., Santiago C., Martínez-Fernández A. and Vicente F.

The behaviour and production of dairy cattle when offered green pasture or exercise pen

The aim of the experiment was to investigate the activity and behaviour of dairy cows with access to different outdoor areas.

PDF icon egf2015-Jorgensen - the .pdf

Jørgensen G.H.M., Eilertsen S.M., Hansen I. and Aanensen L.

Duration is important in the effect of pasture allowance restriction on subsequent milk production, in early lactation

In pasture-based dairy systems, feed supply can be limited in early spring due to inadequate pasture growth.

PDF icon egf2015-Kennedy - duration.pdf

Kennedy E., Delaby L., Horan B., Roche J. and Lewis E.

Achieving high milk production performance at grass with minimal concentrate supplementation with spring-calving dairy cows: actual performance compared to simulated performance

The aim of high-profitability grazing systems is to produce milk efficiency from grazed pasture.

PDF icon egf2015-ODonovan - achieving.pdf

O’Donovan M., Ruelle E., Coughlan F. and Delaby L.

Synthesis of systems of European grassland typologies at plot, farm and region levels

On the basis of a literature search, a compilation of agronomic, agri-environmental and phytosociological typologies of grasslands are presented at plot, farm and region levels.

PDF icon egf2015-Peeters - Are there.pdf

Peeters A.

Using models to establish the most financially optimum expansion strategy for Irish dairy farms

Determining the impact of a change of management on differing farm characteristics is a significant challenge in the evolution of dairy systems, due to the interacting components of complex biologi

PDF icon egf2015-Ruelle - using.pdf

Ruelle E., Delaby L., Wallace M. and Shalloo L.