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Session 2. Grassland and fodder crops in high output systems
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Effect of feeding system on cow milk fatty acids composition in a panel of Galician dairy farms

Sixty farms located in the Galicia region (NW Spain) were sampled four times during 2012 and samples of ration ingredients and bulk-tank milk were taken with the objective of studying the relations

PDF icon egf2015-Resch-Zafra - Effect.pdf

Resch-Zafra C., Pereira-Crespo S., Flores-Calvete G., Dagnac T., Gónzalez L., Agruña M.J., Fernández-Lorenzo B. and Veiga M.

Botanical composition of clover-grass silages affects milk yield in dairy cows

The botanical composition of clover-grass silage is said to affect nutritive value and nutrient degradation kinetics.

PDF icon egf2015-Rojen - Botantical.pdf

Røjen B.A. and Kristensen N.B.

A soil and weather dependent estimator of the soil’s capacity to supply nitrogen

The ability of soils to meet nitrogen (N) requirements of grass via mineralization of organic matter is of economic and environmental importance to farmers and society.

PDF icon egf2015-Ros - A soil.pdf

Ros G.H., Bussink D.W. and Reijneveld J.A.

Mineral fertilization on mountain grassland

As seen in other studies conducted over time, mineral fertilization provides an opportunity to improve grassland productivity and fodder quality.

PDF icon egf2015-Rotar - Mineral.pdf

Rotar I., Păcurar F., Vidican R., Mălinaș A. and Gliga A.

The development of yield and digestibility of a grass mixture during primary growth and regrowth

Development of yield and digestibility of grass leys was studied in Maaninka, Finland during the 2014 growing season.

PDF icon egf2015-Sairanen - The development.pdf

Sairanen A. and Hyrkäs M.

High productivity of perennial grasses with alfalfa mixtures in North-Eastern Romania

The current tendency is for intensification of livestock farming, pursuing continuous improvement of quantitative and qualitative performance of products.

PDF icon egf2015-Samuil - High.pdf

Samuil C., Muntianu I.C., Popovici C.I., Stavarache M. and Vintu V.

Sward surface height estimation with a rising plate meter and the C-Dax Pasturemeter

Pasture-based production systems are economically interesting, but only if grown herbage is efficiently used.

PDF icon egf2015-Schori - Sward.pdf

Schori F.

Predicting the harvest date of silage maize based on whole crop or cob dry matter contents

In Germany, it is recommended to harvest silage maize at a whole-crop dry matter (DM) content (GTS) of 32 to 36% and a cob DM content (KTS) of about 55%.

PDF icon egf2015-Schuppenies - Predicting.pdf

Schuppenies R., Pickert J. and Herrmann A.

Genotypic variation in vernalisation response and autumn growth in forage grass species

Depending on the grass species, development of stem-forming tillers is strictly regulated by temperature and/or day length (DL).

PDF icon egf2015-Seppanen - Genotypic.pdf

Seppänen M.M., Jokela V., Uusitalo T., Korhonen P. and Virkajärvi P.

The effect of cutting strategy on production and quality of high-yielding multispecies grasslands

There is an increasing focus on biodiversity and feed resources for pollinators. However, the integration of these elements into high-yielding temporary grasslands is a challenge.

PDF icon egf2015-Soegaard - The effect.pdf

Søegaard K. and Eriksen J.

Milk production with or without protein supplement in combination with forage at two protein levels

With the aim to study the effect of protein supplement, two concentrate diets, one consisting of cereal grain only, and one with protein supplements added, were combined with two grass-clover silag

PDF icon egf2015-Sporndly - Milk.pdf

Spörndly R. and Spörndly E.

Influence of undigested and digested cattle slurry on grassland yield compared to mineral fertilizer

The of production biogas from cattle slurry is increasing in Estonia, but there is not enough information about the efficiency of using its by-product digestate as grassland fertilizer.

PDF icon egf2015-Tampere - Influence.pdf

Tampere M., Kauer K., Keres I., Parol A., Pitk P., Selge A., Viiralt R. and Raave H.

Herbage energy to protein ratio of binary and complex legume-grass mixtures

Herbage with a greater ratio of energy availability to protein degradability increases dairy cow N-use efficiency.

PDF icon egf2015-Tremblay - Herbage.pdf

Tremblay G.F., Bélanger G., Simili Da Silva M., Lajeunesse J., Papadopoulos Y.A., Fillmore S.A.E. and Jobim C.C.

Nitrogen fertilizer replacement value of concentrated liquid fraction on grassland and effects on farm level

In the Netherlands, initiatives are taken to process animal manure. In a pilot of manure processing a liquid fraction of pig slurry with mainly mineral nitrogen (N) and potassium (K) is produced.

PDF icon egf2015-Van Middelkoop - Nitrogen.pdf

Van Middelkoop J.C. and Holshof G.

Optimizing N management through improving transitions of temporary grassland and maize in rotation

Crop rotation in which grass and maize are alternated may contribute to efficient production of feeds for dairy production.

PDF icon egf2015-Verloop - Optimizing.pdf

Verloop J. and Hilhorst J.

Sward quality and yields of grassland in a dairy farm with reduced fertilizer N rates

The objective of this study was to explore under farming conditions the effect of reduced fertilizer N application rates on the dynamics of botanical composition and yields of grass-clover-swards.

PDF icon egf2015-Verloop - Sward.pdf

Verloop J., Oenema J. and Geerts R.H.E.M.

High productivity on Nardus stricta L. grasslands from the Carpathian Mountains of Romania

In the mountainous region of Romania about 200,000 ha is covered by grassland, which is mainly dominated by Nardus stricta L.

PDF icon egf2015-Vintu - High.pdf

Vintu V., Samuil C., Saghin G. and Stavarache M.

Detection of genetic diversity for drought tolerance in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)

Water shortage is one of the most important constraints limiting yield in agricultural production.

PDF icon egf2015-Westermeier - Detection.pdf

Westermeier P., Wosnitza A., Willner E., Feuerstein U., Luesink W., Schulze S., Schum A. and Hartmann S.
Session 3. High output and high (eco)efficiency
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Eco-efficient pasture based dairy farm systems: a comparison of New Zealand, The Netherlands and Ireland

European and New Zealand dairy farmers pursue high productivity, while meeting the requirements of environmental legislation.

PDF icon egf2015-Pinxterhuis - Eco-efficient.pdf

Pinxterhuis J.B., Beare M.H., Edwards G.R., Collins R.P., Dillon P. and Oenema J.

PDF icon Slides presentatation J.B. Pinxterhuis

Quantifying sustainability of dairy farms with the DAIRYMAN-sustainability-index

Dairyman was an EU-Interreg IVB project for Northwest Europe which ran from 2009 to 2013 involving 10 regions.

PDF icon egf2015-Elsaesser- Quantifying.pdf

Elsaesser M., Jilg T., Herrmann K., Boonen J., Debruyne L., Laidlaw A.S. and Aarts F.

PDF icon Slides presentation M. Elsaesser

Quantifying the environmental performance of individual dairy farms – the annual nutrient cycling assessment

Dairy farming is characterised by extensive fluxes of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P): large amounts of these elements cycle via feed, manure, soils and crops.

PDF icon egf2015-Aarts - Quantifying.pdf

Aarts H.F.M., De Haan M.H.A., Schröder J.J., Holster H.C., De Boer J.A., Reijs J.W., Oenema J., Hilhorst G.J., Sebek L.B., Verhoeven F.P.M. and Meerkerk B.

Eco-efficiency of grass-based dairy systems in Switzerland

Grassland covers 70% of the Swiss agricultural area, resulting in a large proportion of grass in the diet of Swiss dairy cows.

PDF icon egf2015-Alig - Eco-efficiency.pdf

Alig M., Sutter M. and Nemecek T.

Evaluation of dry matter yield of ryegrass varieties on Irish grassland farms

Increasing grass growth and utilisation on Irish dairy farms is shown to have a positive effect on farm profitability.

PDF icon egf2015-Byrne - Evaluation.pdf

Byrne N. , Berry D.P., Geoghegan A., Shalloo L., Gilliland T.J. and O’Donovan M.

Benefits of × Festulolium varieties in European agriculture

Festulolium (× Festulolium) has been listed as a grass genus on the European list of Plant Varieties since 2004.

PDF icon egf2015-Cernoch - Benefits.pdf

Cernoch V. and Groenbaek O.

Estimation of methane emissions by dairy cows feeding on diets based on Italian ryegrass or legume silages in two grazing seasons

The dairy sector plays an important role in the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG).

PDF icon egf2015-Dachraoui - Estimation.pdf

Dachraoui M., Jiménez-Calderón J.D., Martínez-Fernández A. and Vicente F.