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Session 1. High output dairy farming systems
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Production pasture versus exercise and recreation pasture for cows in automatic milking systems

In an automatic milking unit, a daytime grazing system with production pasture (group P) was compared with offering cows a small grass-covered paddock only for exercise and recreation, i.e.

PDF icon egf2015-Sporndly - Production pasture.pdf

Spörndly E., Andersson S., Pavard N., Le Goc S.

Synthesis of systems of European grassland typologies at plot, farm and region levels

On the basis of a literature search, a compilation of agronomic, agri-environmental and phytosociological typologies of grasslands are presented at plot, farm and region levels.

PDF icon egf2015-Peeters - Are there.pdf

Peeters A.

The amount of maize in the feed ration influences milk composition in Northern Spain

The oceanic climate conditions of Asturias (Spain) are favourable for grass and pasture production. However, the use of concentrates in dairy-cow diets has increased in the last decades.

PDF icon egf2015-Santiago - the .pdf

Santiago C., Jiménez-Calderón J.D., González A., Vicente F. and Martínez-Fernández A.

The behaviour and production of dairy cattle when offered green pasture or exercise pen

The aim of the experiment was to investigate the activity and behaviour of dairy cows with access to different outdoor areas.

PDF icon egf2015-Jorgensen - the .pdf

Jørgensen G.H.M., Eilertsen S.M., Hansen I. and Aanensen L.

The effect of decreased N and P applications on herbage quality in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the amounts per ha of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) applied have been reduced by approximately 40% since 1996, due to legislative restrictions.

PDF icon egf2015-Abbink - The effect of decreased N.pdf

Abbink G.W., Reijneveld J.A. and Linders P.B.J.

The effect of pasture allowance offered for different time durations on the dry matter intake of dairy cows

Milk quota abolition will increase herd size resulting in greater deficits in spring grass availability.

PDF icon egf2015-Cummins - The effect of pasture.pdf

Cummins S., Lewis E., Pierce K.M. and Kennedy E.
Session 2. Grassland and fodder crops in high output systems
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Production potential of grassland and fodder crops in high-output systems in the Low Countries in north western Europe and how to deal with limiting factors

The farming community currently growing fodder crops and grassland in areas with intensive dairy production in the EU is confronted with opportunities and threats related to (1) characteristics of

PDF icon egf2015-Reheul - production potential.pdf

Reheul D., Cougnon M., De Cauwer B., Swanckaert J., Pannecoucque J., D’Hose T., Van den Nest T., De Caesteker E., Vaes R., Peeters A., Baert J. and De Vliegher A.

PDF icon Powerpoint of the presentation

Productive longevity of different alfalfa varieties in the Central non-Chernozem region

Productive longevity of different alfalfa varieties depends on soil fertility, weather conditions, intensity of use and disease incidence.

PDF icon egf2015-Lazarev - Productive.pdf

Lazarev N.N. and Starodubtseva A.M.

Sward quality and yields of grassland in a dairy farm with reduced fertilizer N rates

The objective of this study was to explore under farming conditions the effect of reduced fertilizer N application rates on the dynamics of botanical composition and yields of grass-clover-swards.

PDF icon egf2015-Verloop - Sward.pdf

Verloop J., Oenema J. and Geerts R.H.E.M.

Sward surface height estimation with a rising plate meter and the C-Dax Pasturemeter

Pasture-based production systems are economically interesting, but only if grown herbage is efficiently used.

PDF icon egf2015-Schori - Sward.pdf

Schori F.

The development of yield and digestibility of a grass mixture during primary growth and regrowth

Development of yield and digestibility of grass leys was studied in Maaninka, Finland during the 2014 growing season.

PDF icon egf2015-Sairanen - The development.pdf

Sairanen A. and Hyrkäs M.

The effect of cutting strategy on production and quality of high-yielding multispecies grasslands

There is an increasing focus on biodiversity and feed resources for pollinators. However, the integration of these elements into high-yielding temporary grasslands is a challenge.

PDF icon egf2015-Soegaard - The effect.pdf

Søegaard K. and Eriksen J.

The effect of different grass species and fertilization level in fodder galega mixtures

Fodder galega (Galega orientalis Lam.) is a forage legume that has been grown in Estonia for approximately 43 years.

PDF icon egf2015-Meripold - The effect.pdf

Meripõld H., Tamm U., Tamm S. and Võsa T.

The effect of potassium on dry matter production and nutritive value of grass on three different soil types

In Finland, grass yield response to potassium (K) fertilization varies with soil acid-extractable potassium (KHCl) availability, rather than the traditionally used measure of soil acid ammonium ace

PDF icon egf2015-Kykkanen - The effect of potassium.pdf

Kykkänen S., Virkajärvi P., Hyrkäs M., Järvenranta K., Kurki P. and Suomela R.

The effect of tetraploid and diploid perennial ryegrass swards sown with and without clover on milk and herbage production

An experiment to investigate the impact of tetraploid and diploid perennial ryegrass swards sown with and without white clover on the productivity of spring milk production systems was established

PDF icon egf2015-McCarthy - The effect.pdf

McCarthy B., Dineen M., Guy C., Coughlan F. and Gilliland T.
Session 3. High output and high (eco)efficiency
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Productivity and herbage quality in two-species grass-legume mixtures under cutting

Inclusion of legumes in grasslands could enhance N-use efficiency of forage production.

PDF icon egf2015-Elgersma - Changes.pdf

Elgersma A. and Søegaard K.

Quantifying sustainability of dairy farms with the DAIRYMAN-sustainability-index

Dairyman was an EU-Interreg IVB project for Northwest Europe which ran from 2009 to 2013 involving 10 regions.

PDF icon egf2015-Elsaesser- Quantifying.pdf

Elsaesser M., Jilg T., Herrmann K., Boonen J., Debruyne L., Laidlaw A.S. and Aarts F.

PDF icon Slides presentation M. Elsaesser

Quantifying the environmental performance of individual dairy farms – the annual nutrient cycling assessment

Dairy farming is characterised by extensive fluxes of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P): large amounts of these elements cycle via feed, manure, soils and crops.

PDF icon egf2015-Aarts - Quantifying.pdf

Aarts H.F.M., De Haan M.H.A., Schröder J.J., Holster H.C., De Boer J.A., Reijs J.W., Oenema J., Hilhorst G.J., Sebek L.B., Verhoeven F.P.M. and Meerkerk B.

Reduced tillage for silage maize on sand and clay soils: effect on yield and soil organic matter

Maize (Zea mays) cultivation for silage has negative impacts on soil and water quality: reduced soil organic matter, nitrate leaching, soil-biota decline, etc.

PDF icon egf2015-Deru - Reduced.pdf

Deru J., Van Schooten H., Huiting H. and Van der Weide R.

Regional animal feed centre as an intermediary between fodder farming and milk production

A regional feed centre buys crops from grassland farmers and arable farmers. These crops can provide roughage or concentrates for dairy cows.

PDF icon egf2015-Galama - Regional.pdf

Galama P., Van Walsum P.E.V., Hack-ten Broeke M.J.D., Cormont A. and Roelsma J.

Regrowth pattern of Lotus corniculatus L. natural populations under limited irrigation

Lotus corniculatus L. (birdsfoot trefoil) is a perennial legume forage species native to the Mediterranean basin, well adapted to marginal environments.

PDF icon egf2015-Lazaridou - Regrowth.pdf

Lazaridou M., Abraham E.M., Karatassiou M. and Kostopoulou P.

Some critical points of dairy farming based on grazing compared to indoor feeding systems

Grazing is not currently a common practice on dairy farms in Hungary.

PDF icon egf2015-Nagy - Some.pdf

Nagy G., Felföldi J. and Vántus A.

Species-rich grasslands for a higher biodiversity on highly productive dairy farms

During the past decade trials have shown the value of species-rich grasslands for farmland biodiversity.

PDF icon egf2015-Korevaar - Species-rich.pdf

Korevaar H. and Geerts R.H.E.M.
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Role of grass land and animal feed in high output dairy farming systems

Powerpoint of the presentation “Role of grass land and animal feed in high output dairy farming systems ( From a dairy chain perspective) by Piet Boer

Boer P.

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Synthesis EGF 2015 in the Netherlands

Synthesis EGF 2015

Johannes Isselstein

PDF icon Synthesis EGF 2015 in the Netherlands