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June 13th

Pre symposium tour

  • Excursion to two interesting dairy farms in the Netherlands

June 14th

EGF Workshops - Meet and greet

  • The EGF Working Group Grazing
    workshop “Grazing and automation”
  • The EGF Working Groups “Grassland re-sowing and grass-arable rotations“ and “Dairy farming systems“
    workshop “Optimising Resource Management”
  • Meet and greet

June 15th

EGF symposium, Session I


  • Jeroen Nolles (General Secretary EGF, president Netherlands Society for Grassland and Fodder Crops)
  • Lars Nesheim (President EGF)
  • Role of grasslands and forages In high output dairy farming systems from a dairy chain perspective
    Boer P.
  • Priorities for the European R&D agenda with regard to sustainable Intensification In dariy farming
    Keatinge R.
  • Grassland and forages in high output dairy farming systems in Flanders and the Netherlands
    Van den Pol-van Dasselaar A., Aarts H.F.M., De Caesteker E., De Vliegher A., Elgersma A., Reheul D., Reijneveld J.A., Vaes R. and Verloop J.
  • Fifty years of forage supply on dairy farms in the Netherlands
    Van Dijk H., Schukking S. and Van der Berg R.
  SESSION I: Diversity in high output dairy farming systems in Europe Five invited speakers present a dairy farming system: 
  • Portuguese dairy farming systems
    Trindade H.
  • High output farming systems in Europe: the French case
    Brocard V., Belot P.-E., Foray S., Perrot C. and Rouillé B.
  • Dairy farming systems and development paths in Slovenia
    Klopčič M. and Kuipers A.
  • Dairy production systems in Finland
    Virkajärvi P., Rinne M., Mononen J., Niskanen O., Järvenranta K. and Sairanen A.
  • Forage production and use in the dairy farming systems of Northern Italy
    Mantovi P., Dal Prà A., Pacchioli M.T. and Ligabue M.
  Poster session
  • The effect of decreased N and P applications on herbage quality in the Netherlands
    Abbink G.W., Reijneveld J.A. and Linders P.B.J.
  • The effects on performance of out-wintering replacement heifers in a high-output dairy system
    Atkins N.A., Bleach E.C.L. and Sinclair L.A.
  • Development of a validity test for survey data on milk-from-grass from German dairy farms
    Becker T.H., Blume L., Kayser M. and Isselstein J.
  • The effect of pasture allowance offered for different time durations on the dry matter intake of dairy cows
    Cummins S., Lewis E., Pierce K.M. and Kennedy E.
  • Models for predicting effects of management factors on per-cow and per-hectare pasture intake by grazing dairy cows
    Delagarde R., Delaby L., Peyraud J.L. and Faverdin P.
  • Herbage and milk production from a grass-only sward and grass-white clover swards in an intensive grass-based system
    Egan M.J., Lynch M.B. and Hennessy D.
  • Developing mixed farming systems at regional level: examples from intensive dairy farming
    Hanegraaf M.C., Vertès F., Corson M.S., Den Boer D.J., Moraine M. and Korevaar H.
  • Comparison of feeding time in barn and pasture under a given grass allowance in a system with robotic milking and strip grazing by using collected sensor data
    Ipema A.H., Holshof G. and De Mol R.M.
  • Milk production in relation to farm organization
    Jankowski K., Skrzyczyńska J., Wiśniewska-Kadżajan B., Sosnowski J., Malinowska E. and Kolczarek R.
  • Current state of the feeding systems on dairy farms in the Principality of Asturias (Spain)
    Jiménez-Calderón J.D., Santiago C., Martínez-Fernández A. and Vicente F.
  • The behaviour and production of dairy cattle when offered green pasture or exercise pen
    Jørgensen G.H.M., Eilertsen S.M., Hansen I. and Aanensen L.
  • Duration is important in the effect of pasture allowance restriction on subsequent milk production, in early lactation
    Kennedy E., Delaby L., Horan B., Roche J. and Lewis E.
  • Achieving high milk production performance at grass with minimal concentrate supplementation with spring-calving dairy cows: actual performance compared to simulated performance
    O’Donovan M., Ruelle E., Coughlan F. and Delaby L.
  • Synthesis of systems of European grassland typologies at plot, farm and region levels
    Peeters A.
  • Using models to establish the most financially optimum expansion strategy for Irish dairy farms
    Ruelle E., Delaby L., Wallace M. and Shalloo L.
  • The amount of maize in the feed ration influences milk composition in Northern Spain
    Santiago C., Jiménez-Calderón J.D., González A., Vicente F. and Martínez-Fernández A.
  • Production pasture versus exercise and recreation pasture for cows in automatic milking systems
    Spörndly E., Andersson S., Pavard N., Le Goc S.
  • Effect of indoor silage feeding on pasture time in a batch-milked automatic milking rotary system
    Spörndly E. and Andersson Å.
  • Production and cow-traffic management during the pasture season in large herds with automatic milking
    Spörndly E. and Karlsson M.
  • Application of grass and cow sensor data to support grazing management in high output systems
    Zom R.L.G., Holshof G., Ipema A.H. and De Mol R.M.
  Social programme

June 16th

EGF symposium, Session II

SESSION II: Grassland and fodder crops in high output systems Invited speakers:  

  • Production potential of grassland and fodder crops in high-output systems in the Low Countries in north western Europe and how to deal with limiting factors
    Reheul D., Cougnon M., De Cauwer B., Swanckaert J., Pannecoucque J., D’Hose T., Van den Nest T., De Caesteker E., Vaes R., Peeters A., Baert J. and De Vliegher A.
  • Possibilities and constraints for grazing in high output dairy systems
    Hennessy D., Delaby L., Van den Pol-van Dasselaar A. and Shalloo L.
    Poster session
  • Intercropping maize and Caucasian clover to reduce environmental impact of maize silage production
    Albrecht K.A., Ochsner T.E., Schwab A.R. and Jokela W.E.
  • Use of the Lifecorder+® sensor to assess grazing time of dairy cows
    Allain C., Raynal J., Beck C., Delagarde R. and Brocard V.
  • Yield and nutritive value of binary legume-grass mixtures under grazing
    Bélanger G., Tremblay G.F., Dos Passos Bernardes A., Papadopoulos Y., Fillmore S., Lajeunesse J. and Duynisveld J.
  • Farm-level phytodiversity of dairy farms is related to within-farm diversity of grassland management types
    Breitsameter L. and Isselstein J.
  • Improved potassium fertiliser recommendation for grasslands in the Netherlands
    Bussink D.W., Van Middelkoop J.C., Holshof G. and Van der Draai H.
  • How much milk is produced from pasture? Comparison of two calculation methods
    Cleven M., Verhoeven A., Pries M., Berendonk C. and Wrage-Mönnig N.
  • Exploitable yield potential of grasslands in the Netherlands
    Cornelissen J.M.R., De Haan M.H.A., Hin C.J.A., Zijerveld E.J.M. and Philipsen A.P.
  • Undersown tall fescue as a cover crop after forage maize in 2014
    Cougnon M., George T. and Reheul D.
  • Yield comparison of Italian ryegrass and winter rye sown as cover crops after forage maize
    Cougnon M., Vandermoere S., De Vliegher A. and Reheul D.
  • Can lactobacilli producing ferulate esterase improve the nutritive value of grass and maize silage?
    De Boever J.L., Dupon E., De Vliegher A., De Campeneere S. and Latré J.
  • Grass-clover under cutting conditions: a highly productive system of intensive, high quality forage production
    De Vliegher A. and D’Hose T.
  • Type of grass influences clover proportion and production of grass-clover leys
    De Wit J., Rietberg P. and Van Eekeren N.
  • Pastur’Plan: a dynamic tool to support grazing management decision making in a rotational grazing system
    Delaby L., Duboc G., Cloet E. and Martinot Y.
  • Accuracy of the FeedPhone device for recording eating and rumination times in dairy cows
    Delagarde R. and Lemonnier J.P.
  • Phosphorus concentration and export by silage maize and cut grassland under temperate climate
    D’Haene K., De Vliegher A. and Hofman G.
  • Competitive forbs in high-producing temporary grasslands with perennial ryegrass and red clover can increase plant diversity and herbage yield
    Dhamala N.R., Søegaard K. and Eriksen J.
  • Changes in vitamin and fatty acid contents in grass-red clover herbage after cutting
    Elgersma A., Søegaard K. and Jensen S.K.
  • Effect of different doses of an amendment and an organo-mineral fertiliser on the production of forage maize
    Ferreiro-Domínguez N., Rigueiro-Rodríguez A. and Mosquera-Losada M.R.
  • Effects of forage species and sward-lifting on compacted soil
    Fychan R., Crotty F.V., Scullion J., Sanderson R. and Marley C.L.
  • Differentiation of cultivars within pasture grasses with regard to leaf tensile strength
    Goliński P. and Golińska B.
  • An alternative system for classifying earliness in maize varieties in Sweden
    Halling M.A.
  • PastureBase Ireland – a National Grassland database for Ireland
    Hanrahan L., Geoghegan A., O’Donovan M., Griffith V., Wallace M. and Shalloo L.
  • Effect of cutting frequency of four red clover cultivars on forage yield and persistence
    Hejduk S.
  • Calibration of five rising plate meters in the Netherlands
    Holshof G., Stienezen M.W.J. and Galama P.G.
  • Grazing and difficult circumstances: economic benefits depend on milk price and grazing efficiency
    Holshof G., Evers A.G., De Haan M.H.A. and Galama P.G.
  • Different harvesting strategies and cultivar mixtures for grass silage production in Finland
    Hyrkäs M., Sairanen A., Kykkänen S., Virkajärvi P. and Isolahti M.
  • Performance and quality of legume monocultures and grass-legume mixtures during two dry years 242
    Kizeková M., Jančová Ľ., Dugátová Z., Čunderlík J., Kanianska R., Makovníková J. and Tomaškin J.
  • The effect of potassium on dry matter production and nutritive value of grass on three different soil types
    Kykkänen S., Virkajärvi P., Hyrkäs M., Järvenranta K., Kurki P. and Suomela R.
  • Productive longevity of different alfalfa varieties in the Central non-Chernozem region
    Lazarev N.N. and Starodubtseva A.M.
  • Potential of fodder trees in high-output dairy systems
    Luske B. and Van Eekeren N.
  • A comparison of two grazing regimes during lactation for improving the sustainability of Latxa dairy sheep system
    Mandaluniz N., Arranz J. and Ruiz R.
  • The effects of cultivation date and method on the establishment of lucerne in the UK
    Marley C.L., Scott M.B., Davies J.W., Sanderson R. and Fychan R.
  • The effect of tetraploid and diploid perennial ryegrass swards sown with and without clover on milk and herbage production
    McCarthy B., Dineen M., Guy C., Coughlan F. and Gilliland T.
  • Alleviating soil compaction can increase grassland productivity: a demonstration project
    McConnell D.A. and Evans C.
  • Calibration of an automated grass height measurement tool equipped with global positioning system to enhance the precision of grass measurement in pasture-based farming systems
    McSweeney D., Foley C., Halton P. and O’Brien B.
  • The effect of different grass species and fertilization level in fodder galega mixtures
    Meripõld H., Tamm U., Tamm S. and Võsa T.
  • Forage quality screening of Lolium multiflorum Lam. cultivars appropriate for high carbohydrate rations
    Müller J. and Jänicke H.
  • Effect of chloride fertilisation on dietary cation-anion difference forage species
    Nesheim L., Synnes O.M. and Langerud A.
  • Establishing trampling-resistant mixed swards: a comparison of four seed mixtures
    Nilsdotter-Linde N., Salomon E., Adolfsson N. and Spörndly E.
  • Controlling docks (Rumex obtusifolius L.) using herbicides applied to seedling or established grassland
    O’Donovan T., Casey I.A. and Humphreys J.
  • Benchmarking European permanent grassland production and utilization at national and regional levels
    O’Donovan M., Elsaesser M., Peeters A., Hulin S. and Brandsma J.
  • Developing a predictive model for grass growth in grass-based milk production systems
    Paillette C.A., Delaby L., Shalloo L., O’Connor D. and Hennessy D.
  • Organic fertilization on mountain grassland
    Pleșa A., Rotar I., Păcurar F., Vidican R., Balázsi A. and Stoian V.
  • Effect of feeding system on cow milk fatty acids composition in a panel of Galician dairy farms
    Resch-Zafra C., Pereira-Crespo S., Flores-Calvete G., Dagnac T., Gónzalez L., Agruña M.J., Fernández-Lorenzo B. and Veiga M.
  • Botanical composition of clover-grass silages affects milk yield in dairy cows
    Røjen B.A. and Kristensen N.B.
  • A soil and weather dependent estimator of the soil’s capacity to supply nitrogen
    Ros G.H., Bussink D.W. and Reijneveld J.A.
  • Mineral fertilization on mountain grassland
    Rotar I., Păcurar F., Vidican R., Mălinaș A. and Gliga A.
  • The development of yield and digestibility of a grass mixture during primary growth and regrowth
    Sairanen A. and Hyrkäs M.
  • High productivity of perennial grasses with alfalfa mixtures in North-Eastern Romania
    Samuil C., Muntianu I.C., Popovici C.I., Stavarache M. and Vintu V.
  • Sward surface height estimation with a rising plate meter and the C-Dax Pasturemeter
    Schori F.
  • Predicting the harvest date of silage maize based on whole crop or cob dry matter contents
    Schuppenies R., Pickert J. and Herrmann A.
  • Genotypic variation in vernalisation response and autumn growth in forage grass species
    Seppänen M.M., Jokela V., Uusitalo T., Korhonen P. and Virkajärvi P.
  • The effect of cutting strategy on production and quality of high-yielding multispecies grasslands
    Søegaard K. and Eriksen J.
  • Milk production with or without protein supplement in combination with forage at two protein levels 322
    Spörndly R. and Spörndly E.
  • Influence of undigested and digested cattle slurry on grassland yield compared to mineral fertilizer
    Tampere M., Kauer K., Keres I., Parol A., Pitk P., Selge A., Viiralt R. and Raave H.
  • Herbage energy to protein ratio of binary and complex legume-grass mixtures
    Tremblay G.F., Bélanger G., Simili Da Silva M., Lajeunesse J., Papadopoulos Y.A., Fillmore S.A.E. and Jobim C.C.
  • Nitrogen fertilizer replacement value of concentrated liquid fraction on grassland and effects on farm level
    Van Middelkoop J.C. and Holshof G.
  • Optimizing N management through improving transitions of temporary grassland and maize in rotation
    Verloop J. and Hilhorst J.
  • Sward quality and yields of grassland in a dairy farm with reduced fertilizer N rates
    Verloop J., Oenema J. and Geerts R.H.E.M.
  • High productivity on Nardus stricta L. grasslands from the Carpathian Mountains of Romania
    Vintu V., Samuil C., Saghin G. and Stavarache M.
  • Detection of genetic diversity for drought tolerance in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)
    Westermeier P., Wosnitza A., Willner E., Feuerstein U., Luesink W., Schulze S., Schum A. and Hartmann S.
  Mid Symposium tour
  Network dinner

June 17th

EGF symposium, Session III | Post symposium tour - Day I

SESSION III: High output and high (eco)efficiency Invited speakers:

  • Eco-efficient pasture based dairy farm systems: a comparison of New Zealand, The Netherlands and Ireland
    Pinxterhuis J.B., Beare M.H., Edwards G.R., Collins R.P., Dillon P. and Oenema J.
  • Quantifying sustainability of dairy farms with the DAIRYMAN-sustainability-index
    Elsaesser M., Jilg T., Herrmann K., Boonen J., Debruyne L., Laidlaw A.S. and Aarts F.
  Poster session
  • Quantifying the environmental performance of individual dairy farms – the annual nutrient cycling assessment
    Aarts H.F.M., De Haan M.H.A., Schröder J.J., Holster H.C., De Boer J.A., Reijs J.W., Oenema J., Hilhorst G.J., Sebek L.B., Verhoeven F.P.M. and Meerkerk B.
  • Eco-efficiency of grass-based dairy systems in Switzerland
    Alig M., Sutter M. and Nemecek T.
  • Evaluation of dry matter yield of ryegrass varieties on Irish grassland farms
    Byrne N. , Berry D.P., Geoghegan A., Shalloo L., Gilliland T.J. and O’Donovan M.
  • Benefits of × Festulolium varieties in European agriculture
    Cernoch V. and Groenbaek O.
  • Estimation of methane emissions by dairy cows feeding on diets based on Italian ryegrass or legume silages in two grazing seasons
    Dachraoui M., Jiménez-Calderón J.D., Martínez-Fernández A. and Vicente F.
  • Trace elements supply and requirements in Dutch dairy farming
    De Haas M.J.G., Den Boer D.J., Bussink D.W. and Van der Draai H.
  • No trade-off between root biomass and aboveground production in Lolium perenne
    Deru J., Schilder H., Van der Schoot J.R. and Van Eekeren N.
  • Reduced tillage for silage maize on sand and clay soils: effect on yield and soil organic matter
    Deru J., Van Schooten H., Huiting H. and Van der Weide R.
  • Productivity and herbage quality in two-species grass-legume mixtures under cutting
    Elgersma A. and Søegaard K.
  • Herbage production in grazed grass-white clover plots: effect of N fertilizer application
    Enríquez-Hidalgo D., Gilliland T.J. and Hennessy D.
  • Lucerne as an alternative protein source in southwest England: a Demo Farm perspective
    Evans C. and McConnell D.A.
  • Concentrate supplementation and milking frequency in automated milking with grazing
    Foley C., Shortall J. and O’Brien B.
  • Regional animal feed centre as an intermediary between fodder farming and milk production
    Galama P., Van Walsum P.E.V., Hack-ten Broeke M.J.D., Cormont A. and Roelsma J.
  • Comparing the in vivo dry matter digestibility of perennial ryegrass in sheep and dairy cows
    Garry B., Kennedy E., Baumont R., Boland T.M., Wright M.M., O’Donovan M. and Lewis E.
  • The use of radar images for detecting when grass is harvested and thereby improve grassland yield estimates
    Grant K., Wagner M., Siegmund R. and Hartmann S.
  • Effect of sulphur fertilization on the rate of photosynthesis and yield of Lolium × boucheanum Kunth cultivated in monoculture and mixture with Trifolium repens L.
    Grygierzec B., Szewczyk W. and Musiał K.
  • Concentrations of micro-nutrients in forage legumes and grasses harvested at different sites
    Gustavsson A-M. and Nadeau E.
  • Economic and environmental viability of regionally growing feed concentrate replacers
    Hack-ten Broeke M.J.D., Cormont A., Roelsma J., Galama P. and Van Walsum P.E.V.
  • Increasing the resource efficiency of permanent grassland: outcomes of an EIP-AGRI Focus Group
    Hopkins A., Bailey J., Reheul D., Brandsma J., Pehrson I., Mosquera-Losada M.R. and Crespo D.G.
  • Capacity of the soil to decompose organic matter in old and young grasslands
    Iepema G.L., Domhof B. and Van Eekeren N.
  • Farm-specific development plan: a tool to manage and improve individual dairy farms
    Kohnen H., Boonen J., Van Vliet G. and Wengler F.
  • Impact of sowing date of maize catch crops on yield and environmental effects – a trade-off?
    Komainda M., Herrmann A., Kluß C. and Taube F.
  • Species-rich grasslands for a higher biodiversity on highly productive dairy farms
    Korevaar H. and Geerts R.H.E.M.
  • Partial replacement of grass silage with faba bean whole-crop silage in the diet of dairy cows
    Lamminen M., Kokkonen T., Halmemies-Beauchet-Filleau A., Termonen T., Vanhatalo A. and Jaakkola S.
  • Regrowth pattern of Lotus corniculatus L. natural populations under limited irrigation
    Lazaridou M., Abraham E.M., Karatassiou M. and Kostopoulou P.
  • Is it possible for large herds to graze while keeping a high milk yield level? The experience of two Belgian dairy farms
    Lessire F., Hornick J.L. and Dufrasne I.
  • Working with farmers to make the most of soil nutrients for eco efficiency – The PROSOIL PROJECT
    McCalman H.M., Powell H.G. and Buckingham S.E.
  • Perennial ryegrass variety ranking responses to inclusion of white clover and altered nitrogen fertility
    McDonagh J., McEvoy M., Gilliland T.J. and O’Donovan M.
  • Forage pea yield after application of different rates of pig and cattle manure
    Mosquera-Losada M.R., Rigueiro-Rodríguez A., Ferreiro-Domínguez N.
  • Some critical points of dairy farming based on grazing compared to indoor feeding systems
    Nagy G., Felföldi J. and Vántus A.
  • Improving grassland management on commercial pilot dairy farms: the role of intensive coaching
    Oenema J., Hilhorst G.J. and Van Ittersum M.K.
  • Economic impact of grazing dairy cows on farms equipped with an automatic milking system
    Oudshoorn F.W., Brocard V. and Van den Pol-van Dasselaar A.
  • Grass proves its value on Welsh dairy farms
    Owen J.M.
  • Are there alternative paths towards more self-sufficient and resilient systems in dairy farms?
    Peeters A., Delobel V. and Van der Ploeg J.D.
  • Performance of red clover mixtures in high output dairy systems: an agro-economical comparison
    Rietberg P., De Wit J. and Van Eekeren N.
  • Element concentrations in forage plants grown on power station ash deposit
    Simić A., Dželetović Ž., Vučković S., Geren H. and Mandić V.
  • White clover content and grassland productivity in simulated grazing systems
    Van Eekeren N., Hoogsteen M., Deru J., De Wit J. and Lantinga E.
  • Effect of organic fertilization of maize forage on greenhouse gas emissions by dairy cows
    Velarde-Guillén J., Jiménez-Calderón J.D., Martínez-Fernández A. and Vicente F.
  • Effect of harrowing and watering on disappearance of dung pats in pastures
    Verwer C., Lenssinck F., Van Schooten H., Philipsen A.P. and Van Eekeren N.
  • Changes in land use resulting from diet modifications related to increasing milk yields
    Wolf P., Prochnow A. and Berg W.
  Closing Session Synthesis
  • Conference synthesis
    Isselstein J.
  Departure Post symposium tour

June 18th

Post symposium tour Day II

  Post symposium tour

June 19th

Post symposium tour Day III

  Post symposium tour